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Suthashinie R

I am a full time working mother have three beautiful children, originally from Sri Lanka and currently settled down in London. I am a fairly good quilter been quilting for the past 15 years on and off. Since 2012 I am spending more and more time in quilting. From young age I was very interested in needle crafts a lot. I love hand embroideries and I was very good at it, artificial flowers makings etc.

When I got pregnant for the first time I wanted to make everything for my baby on my own baby clothes, quilts, cloth nappies. That's when I took my first quilting class to make a baby quilt. It was a 6 months course in my country and they thought me a lot apart from the baby quilt I never completed anything (I still have a big box of half finished stuff) I felt there was some technique missing from there teaching. I made good few baby quilts for my children my sister kids. Few years down the line I had to migrate to the United Kingdom for further my studies and employment I had to stop everything. In 2012 I got pregnant and I was extremely ill and most of the time I was bed rested. I was going through YouTube and found Jenny Doan 's video from Missouristar Quilt company and my entire life changed from there. Long story short form 2012 today I have made more than 35 quilt and 20 of them are queen size.

I enjoy quilting and it's like a therapy for me I call it a ME TIME.


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